Re: Replacing cable on P6075A probe


On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 02:07 PM, Brent W8XG wrote:

I had a break. I cut the cable at both ends. There is a strain relief fitting, and I used a small Dremel drill to
remove the extra material. Then I went to work on the cable. The probe wire is the finest, smallest wire
I've ever see. It took some time and was quite tedious. But I got it done. It was a couple of hours.
Brent, did you also make a YouTube video about the process? I believe I watched such a video when I was first considering doing this; it was daunting, but encouraging.

I have what appears to be a complete kit for replacement of the cable, and it looks relatively straightforward (except for the bit about soldering a wire that is thinner than a human hair!), but I have several questions about the process:

1. The compensation box end of the cable has a significant extra length of insulated cable (about 2cm in excess of what is necessary) and I don't have any special tools to cut and strip the insulation from a coaxial cable of this small diameter (or any coaxial cable for that matter, but I can easily strip regular RG58 with an Xacto knife). How would you suggest stripping the insulation off the extra length of cable?

2. There is an extra part in the kit, a tiny grommet about 2mm long and 2mm in diameter at the flanged end. The instructions do not mention this grommet at all, and I don't see anything similar to it in the existing probe. Is this something that is needed for some probes (but not, presumably, for my P6075A)?

3. I checked the resistance of the new cable and the damaged cable, both read about 250 Ohms. This is a bit lower than I expected. Does this sound correct?

I will try to upload pictures of the kit to the photos section under an album titled "P6075A Replacement Cable"

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