Re: Special Offer from Peter Keller to TekScopes Members: The Cathode Ray Tube, Technology, History, and Applications"

Roy Thistle

On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 02:29 PM, greenboxmaven wrote:

Tektronix made color studio video monitors that used Sony Trinitron jugs
IMO, the Trinitron based Tek monitors have excellent colour.
Trinitron was the best colour CRT... far better than any competitor, when first introduced... and superior, in the consumer market up until 1996? when Sony lost the patent.
AFAIK, the "magic" was in the aperture grill (it's not right to call that a shadow mask.) According to the literature, this conveyed most of the advantages that made the Trinitron superior.
Perhaps the one flaw... noticed, only if you look for it... is that the aperture grid's stabilization wires are sometimes visible.
Interesting things happen with loud (very loud) music and Tinitron based broadcast monitors.

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