Re: Replacing cable on P6075A probe

Brent W8XG

Jeff, your probe is a 200mhz unit. I re-cabled a p6062 which is a 100mhz. However they appear similar and I expect are built about the same.

I had a break. I cut the cable at both ends. There is a strain relief fitting, and I used a small Dremel drill to remove the extra material. Then I went to work on the cable. The probe wire is the finest, smallest wire I've ever see. It took some time and was quite tedious. But I got it done. It was a couple of hours. Also, mine is a 1x/10x switchable probe. There is a very fine wire (not as fine as the probe) on the outside of the coax, to the switch, that switches in/out the 11K resistor, to the scope changing to the correct vertical display. Your probe has the readout pin on the bnc connector. It goes to that 11k resistor so the scope switches vertical values.

I've got another probe also with a readout pin, but apparently the wire to the resistor, or the switch is broken, so the scope doesn't switch. I've also got several probes without the readout pin. So, I put together a little washer looking device that I've called a TekRing, that slips onto the BNC to tell the scope what value your probe is. It spoofs the scope to the right value. I've got a little website that discusses this.

Good luck.. You need a good set of magnifying glass, to see that little wire. But it's worth fixing, in my opinion.

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