Tek 577 D1 storage adjustment questions.


I am working on some 577’s D1 storage curve tracers. I am trying to get a 178 working. So I need the storage tubes up and running. I do not have much experience with storage tubes hence the noob question. I think one of these units has been miss adjusted pretty badly, my problem Is I do not know which one. When I do the 6 minute startup as called for in the manual both units will get some glow bloom on the tubes. One is far dimmer then the other but both tubes have really good brightness so I do not believe that it is a tired tube. If I hit erase on both tubes they will blank as expected but the bright one will again go to full glow. At the full brightness the tube will not actually store anything as it looks like the glow is too bright. On the dimmer tube after the initial power up the tube will not bloom any more in storage mod and it will store a waveform however the “brightness control” must be all the way up. At minimum storage brightness it will store but it will only store at the edges.

So having minimal exposure to storage tubes is this normal behavior or is one or both miss adjusted? I can take some pictures if it will help. In the service manual it talks about adjusting the tubes but it does not say where the brightness control should be during the adjustment curious if anyone has insight on that as well.


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