Noisy/drifty S-6 head


Hey y'all,

I just scored a Model 3 cart for my 7834 locally. After relocating the
scope and the modules I have from the floor, I played a little bit with my
7S12. Initially I had my S-52 in there with an S-4 sampler, just looking at
some SMA cables, got a rock solid trace.
I wanted to look at the SMA terminator I got with my NanoVNA, so I dropped
my S-6 sampler in there. With this sampler I see the signal just fine, only
it seems to be quite drifty or noisy.
I'm hoping this is a calibration issue of some sort, rather than a blown
sampling gate - or perhaps something downstream from the sampling gate.
Does anyone here have experience with this sort of thing?


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