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Liam Perkins

I don't recall where I found Pete's book and had no idea he was still alive or that the actual book could still be purchased.

I make not a penny thru the work of cleaning up the copy I found nor do I benefit in any other way but, due respect, I've pulled down the copy I had listed.

Apologies for any bruised sensibilities.


Pete Keller is prolific writer about cathode ray tubes and many other kinds
of display technologies.
He published a very detailed book on the subject in 1991 which I highly
recommend. The book title is:
"The Cathode Ray Tube, Technology, History, and Applications", Peter A.
Keller. 320 p.
ISBN 0-9631559-0-3;
I purchased my copy directly from Peter in Aloha, OR (not far from
Beaverton). That way I was able to meet him and have him autograph it for
Pete will sell you a copy for far less than Amazon and all the other book
sellers who specialize in hard to find books want for it ($75 to $150). I
have Pete's contact information which I can provide to anyone who wants to
buy his book from him directly. I no longer remember what I paid for his
book but it was well worth it. I read it cover to cover.
Contact me OFF-LIST at dennis at ridesoft dot com for his contact info.
Dennis Tillman W7pF

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