Re: 067-0525-01 or equivalent needed.


On Thu, Nov 12, 2020 at 09:19 PM, gifsim wrote:

I wish I had a TDR !!
I put some photos with a test (@ 800 mhz +0 dBm) just for fun
the strange thing is that even if I invert the two bnc of the coupler the
tracks do not move (always first the white track and then the green)
I didn't understand this thing .......
You're triggering on CH1, the white trace. If swapping the split-cable plugs between CH1 and CH2 results in the same image, i.e. CH1 the same amount before CH2, it means:
1. The cable's signal lengths for both plugs are about equal
2. What you're seeing is the delay between both channels in the 'scope and that's exactly what the cable is for, when adjusting the 'scope! The difference is about 40 ps.


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