Re: Another A5 board repair attemp - help needed


On Thu, Nov 12, 2020 at 2:35 PM Rogerio O <> wrote:

Thanks Siggi for following this repair attempt.

Would you please comment if the values I have reported are really low?

Did you see this message It
feels like roughly every other message is getting lost here?

Meanwhile I will follow your suggestion to probe the MUXes.
I'd go through the DAC's reference network first, if I were you.

They are as you said 4051's.
To do that I have tackled a wire to the low end of R2521 so I have the
signal from the DAC.
I will then touch the outputs with another probe and see if they follow
the input at some part of the signal.
I don't know if I will manage to adjust the scope triggering and be able
to show the two signals.
You can twiddle the pots on the scope until one of the peaks is way above
all the others, that makes it easier to trigger on.

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