Re: 067-0525-01 or equivalent needed.

Ed Breya

I have to put my one-cent-worth in here. I'd vote for the simplest suggestion of using a BNC Tee with "identical" cables connected, out to the DUT. If you really want to build something "permanent" or dedicated, it should be easy to do, with a small enclosure like a Pomona box, or just soldering the leads all together in a neat splice that can be tape-wrapped or heat-shrinked up, and even foil-wrapped if shielding is desired. To make cables with BNC at one end and wires to solder at the other, get a single high grade BNC-BNC cable assembly a little over twice the length needed, and cut it at the center. The final matching can be trimmed as close as you want and can measure (even TDR if capable), and you'll know that both pieces are the exact same kind of cable.


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