Re: WTB: GPIB interface for Tektronix HC100 plotter

Steve Hendrix

I just discovered that my KISS-488 ethernet-to-GPIB adapter was somehow dropped off eBay, where it's been selling for a couple of years. I have re-listed it if you care to take a look as it might suit your needs. It would let you telnet directly to the plotter, and I think you could set up a printer "port" to be at <IP address>:23, or you could reconfigure KISS-488 to do TelNet at whatever port is convenient.

Steve Hendrix

At 2020-11-12 10:44 AM, you wrote:
If this is the item you’re looking at it’s not GPIB.
eBay item number:254572007620

GPIB is a 24 pin device. That connector is 36 pin (Centronics). Also, not a great feedback rating.

On Nov 10, 2020, at 9:56 AM, Jack2015 <> wrote:

Hi Toby,

Are you looking for a GPIB to Printer adapter?
if yes,there is one on ebay. search "gpib to printer".


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