Re: 067-0525-01 or equivalent needed.


Yea this one really is that simple. A BNC T + a matched set of cables should do the trick. I expect the way this was built is the cables are soldered in the junction box after their length is confirmed by TDR. Using a connecter at the time would have caused a slight but measurable change in the length of the cable that could impact results. Should be doable the only peace of information I am missing at this point is variance in the T its self. I expect something from a good brand will not be an issue bot for this trying to stay away from the cheap stuff.


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thank you very much Zenith
so is it possible to build it yourself with a T bnc and two pieces of cable respecting the lengths?
what's inside T tektronix ? (only 2 cables connected in parallel?)
is it really that simple?

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