Re: 067-0525-01 or equivalent needed.


The HP (Vector) Network Analyzers such as the HP 8754 use cables that are
matched in both electrical phase and amplitude, perhaps you can find a set
or even just a pair of these cables and use them. I think that the HP 8754
uses a set of four "matched cables" per HP but I think that only three of
the cables actually need to be matched.

On Wed, Nov 11, 2020 at 3:01 PM Eric <> wrote:

I need this calibration fixture or something like it to calibrate a 7A22
and some 400 series scopes. This fixture is a BNC Y cable the important
part is the Y side of the cable is matched length to within 0.1 inch. This
is to remove cable aberrations and phase difference to the inputs. I don’t
necessarily need the 067-0525 if I can order a matched length Y cable from

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