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Blueyonder is in many spam databases PLUS blueyonder doesn't accept mail from every domain and they don't provide their criteria for what they accept and don't accept. To make things worse, when they refuse mail from a domain they don't do it correctly and treat it as a temporary failure, one that should be a permanent failure, so the sending host has to keep trying over and over until it finally gives up.

I host a number of mailing lists and I've been round and round with them. Now I just tell people that blueyonder isn't welcome here and the list software rejects them outright.


On 11/08/2020 05:48 AM, Colin Herbert via wrote:
If this problem with my email server is irritating anyone else, I apologise profusely. I receive emails from many people with no problem, but this is puzzling me completely. Apart from contact from Tekscopes, I also get plenty of other email, so I cannot understand why Dennis (and others) cannot get through to me.

May I thank those of you who have emailed me at my personal address - Siggi and Carsten got through fine. I have also had messages from Susan at Sphere, so what is going wrong?

My knowledge of email systems is rudimentary at best, so I am at a loss as to what might be the cause. Please bear with me.
TIA, Colin.

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I think Dennis mentioned that he was working on a project. So he may be deep in thought.

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