Re: Troubleshooting an old Tek 475


Raymond wrote:
My memory urges me to write the following:
If you replaced one of the physically larger timing capacitors (metal cylinders, the smallest about 2cm length),
be aware that these are matched sets (I think 3 pcs, marked by a single letter, like "J", "K" or the like, the same
for each set). At calibration time, you can't adjust their timings individually.
The cap that I replaced is labeled C1059 and is the smallest capacitor on the Timing Circuit Board. In the parts list it is indicated simply as "3.6 uF, Elect., 125 V, 10%" so I don't think it's part of the matched set. There are two sets of capacitors on that same board (C1071,72,73 and C1082,83,85 that are specifically marked in the parts list as matched capacitors of 10uF/0.1uF/0.001uF) but this is not one of them.

Thank you for the warning, though; it is well taken.

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