Re: 475M metal can caps

Bob Isselhard

Thanks Paul, Michael and Leon.   I told Michael in a PM I ordered five of the spacers off Ebay immediately after following his link.  Yeah, I know, power supply problems can doom the best of efforts.  That’s why I ordered the hard copy manual as soon as I saw the problem with the trigger. I wanted to see exactly where all the test points were and exactly what they should read.  I don’t have a second scope to check ripple  but getting the voltages correct on the -15 and -8 volt rails may solve this.  If not, I’ll no longer be a TEKSCOPE beginner, but a “veteran” with solder splashes and flux odor to boot.  When I pulled the -15 volt electrolytic, I checked it and it shows 3700 uf and .47 ESR.  But I’m not about to put a 10 + year old cap back in.

Thanks to all for the assistance so far.


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