Re: Another A5 board repair attemp - help needed


Hey Roger,

Outstanding, congrats on getting the traces going!
TEST04 means your calibration data is gone, and you'll have to re-calibrate
the scope. See pages 6-11/6-12 in the service manual. It's not the worst
thing in the world, as the scope probably could have done with a
calibration anyway.
I believe that the dots are unrelated to the calibration error, they're
likely there because your grid bias is too high (as Leo, satbeginner had
mentioned). This means you see the portions of the readout where the beam
should be blank. This probably also means that someone was in there before
you, but they only went so far as to tweak the grid bias.


On Fri, Nov 6, 2020 at 1:30 PM Rogerio O <> wrote:

I had already replaced R2012 but forgot to check R2013, which was open!
Both have been replaced with TE RN73C2B10KBTDF from Mouser (10K, 0.1%,
Now the scope boots with TEST4 FAIL2 but after pressing A/B TRIG the
horizontal lines is visible and the vertical position control work.
The next step is to find what is causing four dotted lines to appear near
the top and bottom of the display.
I have uploaded a photo of the display to the album related to this thread
Are they related to the error?
Thank you all for the help.

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