Re: Clean and Lubricate Pots in Tek 475


Ed Breya wrote:
First try lubing the pot shaft bushings from outside - remove the knobs, and give them a generous drenching
with light oil, then rotate them lots of times
I tried this straight away, and it seems to have eliminated the "spring-back" in the vertical position pots, but they're just as stiff as ever. The intensity pot has some kind of "scratchiness" in it's first 30% of rotation, and that hasn't been affected much at all by lubrication either, but now it's clear to me that the trace is simply too dim to be seen for the first 15-20% of the pot's rotation, so I'm not too concerned.

As you say I will let them sit overnight and see if things change.

The sources I've found on-line have the pots for very reasonable prices, so I guess if worse comes to worst I can always replace them (no matter how daunting it appears to be to get the boards out to unsolder them). If they loosen up overnight, however, I'll take the win.

It's been quite therapeutic to be able to make even minor repairs to this instrument, and to discover that it was not imminently going to destroy itself because some part had worn out from age or disuse. Even if it's not operating 100% perfectly it's still a wonderful scope, delightful to use, and more than adequate for my purposes.

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