Re: Yet another attempt to fix a 2465B


"Panasonic also makes a suitable capacitor in that value.
Nichicon doesn't (didn't?)."

That's a sweeping generalization, and not quite 100% on the mark..

In fact, Nichicon makes perfectly suitable capacitors for that application.
The UHE or UPW series are eminently suited for the job.
They are stalwarts in Nichicon's lineup, and have been present ever since SMPS's came into being.

I use Panasonic FS and Nichicon UHE or UPW interchangeably.
All of them are super-high-quality, long-life, low-ESR, High ripple capability, 105°C, and tick every single box for use in high-frequency SMPS's.

Menahem Yachad

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