Re: Folded up (folding up) the coax on (Tek) probes: not good, right?

Tom Lee

It's probably not nearly as bad as you fear unless the cinching is so extreme that the dielectric gets pinched to the point of permanent deformation. Anything's possible, of course, but twist ties and standard-issue humans don't ordinarily do that.


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On 11/2/2020 17:08, Roy Thistle wrote:
High All:
Ever seen Tek probes for sale on the bay?... where the probe's coax has been bundled you used to bundle up a piece of very flexible rope, back in Boy Scouts... or the coax is folded round and round, in a coil... then all squished together, at the middle... and a twist tie, elastic band, or tie wrap...fitted around.
What's behind that?
That can't be good for the coax... do you think? ... especially, high-frequency probes.

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