Re: Scope grounding and generators

Robert Simpson

Some results:
1. My true RMS meter arrived, so I ran a few basic tests with the meter and the 465M.
After starting the generator and letting it warm up, I connected a 500W shop lamp for a resistivity load. TRMS meter showed about 130 V
Hooked the scope up one lead and took some pictures. Unfortunately although I was in tree shade, general glare resulted in marginal pictures. Using Photoshop I adjusted the brightness and color and got a just readable image
Looks like period is approximately 16ms or about 62.5 HZ.
Peaky barely sine wave

2. I think I have a 120 to 12V transformer. So I might try some tests with motor loads, such as my table saw and hand electric saw.
Question, should the output leads of the transformer be open or have a light load say 10K oms?

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