Re: Scope grounding and generators

Roy Thistle

On Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 09:15 PM, Robert Simpson wrote:

I have P6009 probes.
P6009 is rated to 1.5 KV. And for 60 Hz nominal frequency doesn't need to be derated. (It's flat to around 100 KHz.) The can be compensated to the 465's input capacitance.
So yes and no.
Your generator isn't new, so if there is a problem with the AVR, the voltage could rise significantly...there could be an over-voltage problem... but, surely not so much that a P6009 wouldn't protect the 465 inputs.
I'd be more worried about high voltage transients finding their way into the scope inputs.
I'd be more concerned about that when the generator is started, stopped, stalls, or is driving inductive loads.
Maybe run a couple of trouble lights, fitted with incandescent bulbs, when the generator has been running well for a while, and is well warmed up. (The bulbs are a very crude indication of frequency drift, and voltage drift, or over-voltage, or under-voltage.)
I'd do a 465/P6009 measurement on the above... if I had to.

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