Re: Desoldering Iron, was Re: [TekScopes] 466-464 stray wire

Brian Symons

One quick comment about air compressors.

The connector that you use can be a major limiting factor.

I had a box of odds & sods that I had obtained over the years & went through them recently when doing a clean up.

Some of the connectors may appear identical but they can have a centre hole half or even one third of the size as the better brands which really limits the air flow.
When I realised the connector difference I did a few tests & couldn't believe the difference in performance.
I went & purchased a number of Japanese made connectors - original manufacturer - & redid my tools & hoses & it is much better now.

I also found a couple of air hoses that I had been given had been contaminated internally with oil so you may wish to check that when doing your clean up & tests.
Cleaning something off with a blast of air & then having to clean off the film of oil is no fun.

a couple of last comments of compressed air.

Be very careful when using compressed air to clean out bearings etc.
It is possible to cause a bearing to literally explode if you have "fun" & speed the bearing up with the air flow.
An instructor showed as a safety report once when someone made a siren using the airflow through a bearing.

You also need to be careful of airflow on fans.  It is possible to drive the fan so fast that it generates an excessively high voltage int the PCB.
I saw an incident report about a motherboard damaged due to this. I wouldn't have thought about it myself.

Lastly, I saw an incident report of a person with an air embolism due to using an air hose to clean their clothes while wearing them, so another little precaution, keep it clean of body parts.
I am sure we have all broken this rule, cleaning or drying off parts :-)


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