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There's a Rohde and Schwarz online collector group:

Rohde-and-Schwarz at

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In the Central and Hudson valley parts of New York, Tektronix scopes (
and other leading brands as well ) with IBM, General Electric, and other
company labels were abundant at hamfests. If the presence of the label
ever discouraged someone from buying one at a hamfest or tag sale, I am
not aware of it. The label almost always indicated special features. To
move a bit off topic- I am interested in Rohde & Schwarz equipment, and
would like to make contact with other collectors. They did indeed make
scopes, but as far as I have been able to determine, most were parts of
larger systems or ensembles. One example I have has a meter that
indicates the signal level coming in, sort of a mashup of a scope and
VTVM. A Tektronix would certainly be up to their standards, so buying
and incorporating one into their systems instead of tooling up to build
a small number themselves would be plausable.

Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY

On 10/27/20 2:04 PM, Colin Herbert via wrote:
You may have misinterpreted Toby's question. The "IBM" label would have
been just above the top right corner of the crt screen - no suggestion
that IBM made the scope. IBM specified various features to Tektronix
about this 453 design and most of the scopes were purchased by IBM, but
there were some that didn't have the "IBM" label on them. (Mine had it,
but it has been obliterated, as it sometimes was, to stop potential
second-hand buyers thinking that they were buying a scope stolen from IBM).

Perhaps you could post some pictures of this scope? I can't think of a
reason why Rohde & Schwarz would be on it, didn't they make scopes


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Hi Toby,

no, its Tektronix branded. Can't find any mention of IBM, but there is a
sticker "Rohde & Schwarz Verbriebs-GmbH" on it.


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