Re: First transistors at Tektronix?

Tom Lee

Early high-volume transistors were made by an alloy process which was easier to implement for PNPs than for NPNs, so you'll see PNPs dominate the early generations of transistor electronics. NPNs finally came into their own onceĀ  diffusion and the planar process were mastered.


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On 10/25/2020 14:45, Christian via wrote:
Some good suggestions to dig into, thanks! According to the wiki, the Type R, released in 1958, was the first plug-in with transistors. It had 10 - nine PNP and one NPN, which is interesting. In the service manual for it you can see Tek upgrading parts presumably as they became available, it's kind of amusing to read between the lines there. Now I want to find the Common Design Parts from 1960 or so and see how things went.

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