Re: Scope grounding and generators

Carsten Bormann

On 2020-10-25, at 19:07, wrote:

Sure, if you have one of those it is probably suitable as long as it's in good condition.

The point I was making was that the OP really should get the right tool, be it a scopemeter, a 222/222PS, etc. A laboratory oscilloscope is not the right tool for scoping high energy circuits. Just because you can doesn't mean you should!
Surprised that nobody has given the obvious answer yet:

Get a high-voltage differential probe.

These can be expensive, but if it does not have a to be a Tek, the original question would scream for a Micsig DP10013 or DP20003 (depending on your budget and the voltages you need to look at).

These come from Shenzhen, but are not bottom-drawer garbage.

The main limitation of these is the noise: ≤ 40 mV rms in 50x, ≤ 230 mV rms in 500x (DP10013 specs).
So you can’t measure a dynamic microphone that is stuck at 300 V from earth ground :-)
(These are 100 MHz probes, so setting a bandwidth limit on the scope is going to help some.) (a bit expensive)

Grüße, Carsten

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