Re: Scope grounding and generators

Robert Simpson

First , thanks everyone for the feedback. I do want to be safe.
So, I haven't, don't and won't be floating the scope. Never have and don't see why I would. In the house if I need that type of measurement, I would use my 7A22.
For my generator test, the scope will be plugged in normally which means the scope frame will be at earth ground. By only temporarily connecting the generator frame to house earth ground, I don't see danger.
Again, my only use of the generator will be with extension cords. No plans on connecting the generator to house power.
The generator is a Briggs & Stratton Powermate 5000. Which is 5000 watts max continuous and 6250 surge. My use is planned at less than 4000 watts. (small freezer, refrigerator, one light and two small muffin fans in my heating wood stove.) as a side note for my motivation, you may have seen news articles about power shutdowns in California.

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