Re: First transistors at Tektronix?

Jeff Kruth

IIRC the 547/549 and some of the P/I's. like maybe the 1A4 used some transistors. Also the 561/564 series and their P/I's used some as well. These were the hybrid series scopes, I had them all, and they performed well. The 422/321 etc were OK. IIRC as well, the 453/454 had nuvistor first stages.  The manuals for all these would be illustrative.

In the HP world, one of the earliest instruments I had that used transistors was the 8403 PIN diode modulator/pulse gen. Boards were the early light brown phenolic. I am sure there were others. 431A Power meter, and lots of Harrison power supplies in the late 50's early 60's. 73Jeff Kruth  In a message dated 10/24/2020 12:39:51 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes: Good day, Among my interests is the original uptake of transistors by companies that were not nominally (at the time, anyway) in the transistor business - customers like Tek (and HP for that matter).  I'm familiar with several related milestones - the 453, the 321 (or is it 321A?) as all-transistorized machines (modulo the CTR of course).  What were the first models to use them?  Any similar info on other obscure transistor 'notable firsts' would be of great interest as well.  Was Tek making their own transistors before they went to full ICs?  Why? At some point I'll be putting together a comparison of how transistors were initially applied at all the T&M 'big players' of the time.  As such, any related physical documentation (in the best possible condition) would also be of great interest.

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