Cheap Shipping for Stuff Season...


There is one shipping trick we have used that works really well, if the items will fit in a padded bag, and stay around 100g, they can ship for just US$6. A lot of items can do this, especially small parts, semiconductors, ICs, LEDs, and so on. Right now, I just posted several batches of Tek/HP spare Transistors and ICs (in The Tektropnix section), and any or all of them could go this way, so shipping cost is not really a factor. We can also ship on your FedEx account air or ground, so if you have good rates with them, this is a solution for big stuff. UPS does not permit this across the border, but since they break so many things, I do not lament that situation.

the padded bag trick is not going to work for the Tek scopes already up, or the hp scopes and logic analyzers going up shortly, but no plan is perfect in every way.

all the best,
walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.

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