Re: 7854 to 7804N Conversion PCB (K7-1286-XA). TOPIC WAS: 067-0912-00 needed


When using the analog test board it makes the scope function as an Analog
scope you have to remove all the digital cards to use the analog test
board correctly with out bus conflicts.


On Fri, Oct 23, 2020, 7:11 PM Clark Foley <> wrote:


This board allows you to operate the 7854 as a 7804N. Analog scope
functions only and without the readout, hence the N nomenclature. It was
created early in the project to allow the analog scope guys to work
independently of the digital scope portion. I have one of the prototype
mainframes without the digital hardware and this little jewel lets me use
the mainframe as a 400MHz scope.

The only thing that is peculiar is that the mode control buttons (LEFT,
ADD, CHOP....)

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