Re: Is it possible to start a TDS784D scope with a blank DS1486?


From what I understand some of the addresses are unused. It is possible
that they change randomly and so are different every time the NVRAM is
read. I have used the TDS Floppy Tools also - to both read and write my own
TDS scope and it worked perfectly for me. I think you should have no
problem to boot the scope with a blank NVRAM - then you ought to be able to
do a restore from one of your backups. Alternatively, program the NVRAM
with the TL before booting and see what happens. You can always re-write
with the floppy. (Thanks flyte!) If you need an ACQ or NVRAM backup let us
know - I have the backups from my TDS754D (converted to TDS784D).


On Fri, Oct 23, 2020, 7:49 AM Rogerio O <> wrote:

Dear all,
I bought the "functional replacement" chips of the Dallas DS1650 and
DS1486 to replace the ones in my scope.
I have downloaded the the TdsNvramFloppyTools and read the 1486 several
times before trying to desolder it.
Unfortunately, when I compare the data, there were differences in data
located at addresses higher than D hex.
So I unsoldered the chip and read the data with a TL866A several times but
the same thing happened.
I could not find any copy of the NVRAM content for my scope anywhere on
the internet, so my question is:
Is it possible to boot the scope with a blank DS1486?
Thank you

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