Re: 7A26 edge distortion


On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 09:57 PM, Roger Evans wrote:

I interpreted your first post to mean that only the falling edge was
distorted, that was the reason for thinking it couldn't be only the passive
(or more accurately the linear) components at fault.

Anyway it is good to be warned that the caps are so unreliable.
I later realized that I should have mentioned that both the falling and rising edges were affected equally or only mentioned "edge". In my first fast edge generator (a PG506), the falling edge was a bit cleaner than the rising edge, which resulted in my continued preference for using a falling edge in measurements using a PG506. I didn't realize that this might from time to time cause confusion.
Your post (msg #172512), made clear the significance of the detail / omission.

I ended up finding 12 out of 14 trimcaps in this 7A26 - my most recent - being defective! The remaining two trimcaps have a slightly different design.


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