Re: smd precision resistor "paint layer" peeled off while soldering *** advice needed ***

Chuck Harris

The 2465 family lists them as follows:

2465: 10K film, 0.5%, 1/8W
2465A: 10K, 0.5%, 0.2W, TC=T2, MFR PNO=CR8 20 DYE 10K0
2465B: 10K, 0.5%, 0.2W, TC=T2, MFR PNO=CCF501D10001D, Dale Electronics.

Dale shows:
T-2 = +/-50ppm/K
T-9 = +/-25ppm/K
T-10 = +/-15ppm/K
T-13 = +/-10ppm/K

Since the TCR is uncontrolled as to direction, they are going for as
close to zero TC as they could afford, and the circuit could appreciate.

-Chuck Harris

Rogerio O wrote:

I forgot to ask what is the temperature coefficient of these resistors?
In the parts list it is listed as TC=T9.
Thank you

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