Re: Is it possible to test 2465B power supply boards outside of the scope?

Chuck Harris

I do that all the time. You would be committing a very
dangerous act if you were to work on the power supply while
it was installed in the scope.

To make the supply work, you need a dummy load. The manual
tells you the resister values necessary in the back where the
trouble shooting flow charts are..

-Chuck Harris

Grayson Evans wrote:

Wondering if anyone has been able to test the 2465B power supply boards (A1A2, A3) together, without reinstalling into the scope?
This would allow checking the supply voltages and ripple to at least make sure the mods/fixes worked.
I can't tell by looking at the schematic if the regulators require a load in order to work properly, or some circuit path needs to be connected.
The maintenance manual shows test points throughout the power supply schematic with waveforms, but I don't see how in the world to access these locations if the unit is installed in the scope.

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