Re: 7A26 edge distortion


On Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 02:49 PM, Raymond Domp Frank wrote:

I temporarily put some small caps (3 - 10 pF) in parallel with one trimmer-cap
at a time and so far, I've found 5 (yes, five) that immediately made the pulse
steeper, without overdoing it, in both channels!
I'm afraid this is going to exhaust my donor supply...
The problem was indeed caused by defective trimcaps: I started by replacing 4 (four !) open trimcaps in Ch2, made preliminary adjustments and took another picture. See album.

I'd never have thought that practically (?) all trimcaps of the problem-type would be defective in the one unit but then again, it *is* a systemic problem.

Thanks to John and Roger for your help and suggestions!


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