Re: 7A26 edge distortion


On Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 04:20 AM, Raymond Domp Frank wrote:

One of my 7A26's distorts a 1 ns falling edge (PG506, followed by 50 Ohm
attenuator) as shown in this photo:

Both channels show the same. I've looked for what I considered obvious
problems like the Display Switching area (7A26 SM dwg 4) but haven't found the
cause yet. Other 7A26's show the edge fine.
This is my newest 7A26 (main PCB code 670-2549-21)!
S/N 709928, so Heerenveen. It's the only one in my collection with a green PCB and 155-0078's with date code "429", I guess that's 8429.


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