Re: Air filters for big 500 series scopes

Roy Thistle

On Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 08:32 PM, stevenhorii wrote:

chlorinated detergents
Yes... I think chlorinated mainly for those compound's sanitization properties... but unless one is trying to sanitize those old filters (wouldn't hurt: right?)... I'm skeptical that chlorinated compounds add much to the cleaning ability of such detergents, relative to detergents containing phosphates. (I don't know that there are any modern, for sale, formulated detergents that perform as well as the discontinued/banned phosphated ones.)
To clean some really dirty, and old, 500 aluminum filters, I tried a lot of different solvents, and cleaners... and finally I settled on TSP. The difference, as Dr. Beaker would say, was most satisfactory.

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