Re: smd precision resistor "paint layer" peeled off while soldering *** advice needed ***

Chuck Harris

Lost shine... aka milky white solder joints...

-Chuck Harris

Chuck Harris wrote:

Hi Roger,

The electrolyte is water soluble. Use hot water, dish detergent
and a soft toothbrush or paintbrush.

Put some electrical tape on the tops of trimmers and dip switches,
and scrub away.

The shine is an indication of corrosion. It tells you that the
electrolyte has been there... so you should scrub there.

When the board is rinsed, get the loose water off, and put it in
a warm oven... usually the oven light is more than hot enough...
for overnight.

-Chuck Harris

Rogerio O wrote:
Thank you for your reply.
Yes I could smell this while working on the components around the place where the are located.
Is it necessary to repair each and every solder joint that is not shinny?
I have washed these parts of the board with tap water and than with IPA.
I am letting the board dry while I wait for the replacement parts.

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