Re: Is my Tek 468 beyond repair?


On Sun, Oct 18, 2020 at 10:31 PM, John wrote:

In analogue XY mode the X input comes via Q582/Q583 and the manual shows
DC switching signals (+5V and -8V) to turn on this input (and disable the
sweep). So you need to check that the +5V, -8V switching signals are
and that Q582, Q583 are OK.
Will check these out as well although I can confirm the presence of -8V at the
input to R689, but also at the junction of CR679 and R679. There is also +15V
at R380. I will do some more investigation and confirm the +5V input tomorrow.
I finally found it! :-)

After checking that -8V and +15V were present around the trigger offset inputs and voltages around the diodes were as indicated, and so ruling out this part of the circuit, I turned my attention to Q582/Q583. The problem turned out to be here.

Both +5V and -8V supplies were present but the voltages at Q582_b and Q583_b were considerably adrift from those indicated (-800mV/-100mV instead of -1.8 [-1.5V?] and -2.8V). This means that Q583 would fail to turn on affecting the output from between R480/R481 which is directly connected to U564_p2.

The transistors were fine and tracking back led me to J683, the connector providing the input from the X axis. On pulling this out I discovered that the centre pin was bent and evidently not making contact with the socket on the PCB. Since I had not touched this at any time, I plead not guilty! Once the pin was straightened and the connector plugged back in, the spot moved onto the screen. The X-gain was low and required a tweak of (V)R681 but otherwise X_Y mode now worked fine. When switching between X_Y and triggered modes an adjustment of the POSITION control of about half the width of the CRT display is still required but at least this is now within comfortable adjustment range.

Thanks Harvey for pointing me in this direction and both Harvery and Roger for their circuit descriptions, bit of which were immensely helpful as once that fell into place, it allowed me to better understand and rule out the sweep generator part of the circuit, which I had got side-tracked into, and allowed me to concentrate on other possible causes.

Everything on the scope now works fine although I have not yet tested B-delay yet as I need to research this. Once everything is properly re-assembled I should hopefully be able to move on to running through the calibration steps although from what I have seen so far, everything looks just about spot on.

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