Scope, cooling ICs - refresh or not?



I have an TDS744A oscilloscope, which is working really well. Just adjusted screen brightness and it is almost as new!
I believe I've seen some discussions that the heat transfer paste (silicon grease?) between components and the coolers may dry out over time. This unit has quite a few coolers and they got reasonably warm just during the time it took to adjust the display. They seem actually to be glued on top of the ICs - unclear how.
Question is: can - or should - the cooler interface be refreshed by adding some paste or similar? What would be the proper way in that case?
I imagine a unit of this age with a 2 GSPS acquisition can get fairly hot. Does anyone have suggestion for which ICs should be paid attention to (there seems to be six bigger and two smaller coolers on the acquisition board)?
I have seen general comments, but can't say I've seen specific suggestion for what devices on the 744 that should be taken care of. Are there more coolers than the ones visible when just pulling the cover?


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