Reginald Beardsley

Generally I do not cross post, but it seems to me appropriate in this case. These are the lists where the people I admire hang out.

Some time ago I created the group, but only informed a single person that I had done so.  However, enough people found it and joined that I decided I should take it live.

This is intended to be a forum primarily for discussing QEX articles as that should save authors from repeating the same answers to multiple correspondents. 

However, I should also like it to serve as a forum for serious work on a variety of topics from modulation systems similar to FT8 to teaching how to design an HF amplifier or oscillator from scratch as opposed to simply copying older designs.  Experts conversing with experts and also taking the time to instruct novices. I am hoping for a substantial educational content.

The group is unmoderated.  Unless someone gets seriously outside the bounds of polite social behavior I have no intent of exercising any control unless compelled to do so.

It is also my hope that in conjunction with QEX becoming a print option for ARRL members it will help stimulate readership and advertising revenue to support QEX. I have requested that option and my ARRL membership hangs in the balance. I will continue to subscribe to QEX in print independent of whether I continue as an ARRL member.

It is my hope that this will help QEX develop the technical stature that QST once enjoyed. I have no interest in contests and trophies. I'd like to believe I am not alone in my passion for the technology of radio.

Have Fun!

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