Re: 'Tektronix Short Destroyer'


I suspect this belonged to R. Michael Johnson, who managed TM5000 engineering when I started at Tek. My cube was directly across from his. He may have worked in portables engineering previously, as a label indicates.
There were many versions of “short destroyer” throughout the engineering and production areas at Tek. In the early days of multi-layer circuit boards, registration of the individual layers was not always perfect. Occasionally you would see a board where a ground plane layer is slightly mis-registered to where one or two pads are shorted to ground. The short destroyer could be used to attempt to burn out the short. Most employed a capacitor bank to store a charge to quickly vaporize the short. Applying low voltage at high current continuously tended to burn the board, whereas a quick zap with higher voltage would quickly vaporize the short without burning the board.


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