Re: Is my Tek 468 beyond repair?


On Sun, Oct 18, 2020 at 05:10 PM, Roger Evans wrote:

Q760 and Q772 are PNP common emitter amplifiers, they have very close to unity
current gain and they conduct because their base is positive with respect to
the emitter so the BE junction is forward biassed. In XY mode (see page 3-26
of the manual) the sweeps are disabled, the BE junction should be reverse
biassed, there is almost no collector current and they just look like a high
impedance from the output side.
Thank you for that explanation. Much appreciated.

In analogue XY mode the X input comes via Q582/Q583 and the manual shows the
DC switching signals (+5V and -8V) to turn on this input (and disable the
sweep). So you need to check that the +5V, -8V switching signals are present
and that Q582, Q583 are OK.
Will check these out as well although I can confirm the presence of -8V at the input to R689, but also at the junction of CR679 and R679. There is also +15V at R380. I will do some more investigation and confirm the +5V input tomorrow.

You're looking at a configuration called common base (can be common base, common emitter, common collector). Common collector is an emitter follower, common emitter is what most people think of as a transistor amplifier.
Harvey, thank you also for such a detailed explanation.

I had read through the Detailed Circuit Description section in the Theory of Operation chapter of the manual. Details of X_Y operation are throughout the chapter and I picked up bits and pieces but your description fills in the blanks which is very helpful.

Note that the horizontal amplifier is playing with a current input, not really voltage.
Noted. I grasped the fact that there must be a variance in current between the two halves of the circuit when I found different voltage readings at the emitters of Q760 and Q772 but I wasn't quite sure what that meant.

Had you looked at Q781 and Q782? the trigger view offset voltage goes through a diode or so (as does the trigger view offset enable) and that contributes to the offset of the horizontal amplifier.
Yes I did swap them around to see whether the problem would shift to the opposite side. It did not. I also substituted the two ICs (U690 and U789) and checked that signals at the gates were as indicated. All looked good. However, I completely omitted to investigate the right hand side of Q781/Q782 including the inputs and diodes you mention. I will check that out and re-read your comments tomorrow morning when when my mind is fresh when hopefully this will all fall into place.

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