Re: Air filters for big 500 series scopes


And if you want to use something a little snazzier for coating that air filter than a spray of PAM, may I suggest K&N filter oil? FWIW, K&N filter oil has a special extra-sticky agent in there that aggressively gathers dust, along with other nasty and probably carcinogenic stuff that keeps the gooey stuff gooey longer than PAM. One spray can of K&N costs about twice what a can of PAM costs, but since it is a specialized material you can tax deduct it as a bench supply/consumable item - which you probably can't with PAM.

One can of K&N costs $8.50 at Wally, and will last approximately two and a half lifetimes and you can use it on your lawnmower foam filter too.

Most importantly, PAM is safe and nontoxic. K&N on the other hand is dangerous, explosive when sprayed, possibly mutagenic and generally dangerous for the unskilled to handle. Of course this means it is probably also the very best choice for air filter oil. :-)

Here's the MSDS.

But PAM will certainly work too. Just my 2C



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