Re: Lost Ch 1 on my 465 scope

Tom Lee

The 465 doesn't have the Tek-special IC like the 465B has, so that makes it a bit easier/cheaper to repair. The B model is actually fairly different from the original (Tek skipped "A" and went straight to "B" because of the long list of cumulative changes they wanted to implement)


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On 10/12/2020 17:13, pdxareaid wrote:
Years ago I acquired a 465B off craigslist from someone that blew one vertical channel, probably doing something similar to what happened to yours.
I did not check but I'm pretty sure the parts will be identical for 465 and 465B.
The dual can that Tom Lee mentions was blown as well as the 16 pin spider differential amp just after it in the path.
Having one channel good, I followed a signal back and swapped parts between good and bad channels to confirm my suspicions.
When I last looked, they could both be had off ebay for about $25 each, one off.

I took a quick look on ebay...spiders are still available. As I recall, there are several versions with differing part numbers in the trailing 2 digits...might want to match that exactly.
Just incase you find it bad.

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