Re: Tektronix 2465A noise on readout

Tom Lee

Great job, Gregor! Persistence wins again. Glad you restored that nice scope!

-- Cheers,

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On 10/12/2020 13:52, Gregor via wrote:
I fixed it! Now it's working fine.
And of course, I'll tell you how.
After the last test, I was pretty confident that the problem lies in the HV power supply. So I continued searching for the error there. After carefully probing around in the HV supply, I found that the focus voltage (measured on C1813) had a big ripple on it. Here is the image of the voltage on C1813:
Then I desoldered C1813 and checked it, and I found that it was definitely broken.
Image of desoldered C1813:
I replaced it as you can see in the following picture:
And look at the next picture:

Now it has a perfectly sharp trace and readouts without any noise! I am super happy now :). So finally I can enjoy my 2465A.
Its always a great feeling getting something to work again.
And of course, thanks for all of your suggestions and support! I appreciate it very much :)


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