Lost Ch 1 on my 465 scope

Ray, W4BYG <w4byg@...>

I accidentally touched the ground clip on my 465 Ch 1 probe to a "hot " AC-DC radio chassis. (I have an isolation transformer. Thought it was connected). It blew channel 1 out, but channel 2 and the rest of the scope's operations seem to be OK. I haven't yet started to trouble shoot the problem but tend to think it will be a major deal trying to fix channel one.

Has anyone gone thru this kind of an issue yet that they can offer any insight as to what gets damaged in a situation like this?

I bought this cope new in the seventies and have been the only user of it for all these years.

I have a spare 465 that is not working, which might serve for parts or modules as needed.

Your assistance and insight will be appreciated.
Ray, W4BYG

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