Re: Tek 570 curve tracer on eBay

Vince Vielhaber

I dunno if he's a victim or not. He has multiple listings doing the same thing, including a Generac 22k generator that he's already ended 'cuze it's no longer available.


On 10/10/2020 07:43 AM, Carsten Bormann wrote:
On 2020-10-10, at 11:57, Colin Herbert via <> wrote:

There is an odd posting of a Tek 570 vacuum tube curve tracer on eBay at the moment.The starting price was $2 and bids have got up to $11.50. This price is surely a steal, if true. Oddly enough, though, one of the posted photos suggests that the eBay bids will be ignored and that the "Buy It Now" price is $3000 but a different organisation has to be contacted for this. What is going on and is this some kind of scam?
Want a HP 3458A for $6.50?

(See the second image for the scam.)

These come up faster than they can be squashed.
(Of course, I reported it, so it may be gone already when you look.)
Poor ratbike_nl — probably just another victim.
Be careful with your ebay passwords...

Grüße, Carsten

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