Re: Help needed 7633 horizontal board wanted


Are the 7603 the same boards? If so I have a 7603 parts unit. It will scan
but it shows all 9s on all readout locations.

On Thu, Oct 8, 2020, 1:49 AM Randy Newman <> wrote:

Hi everyone. I’ve got a 7633 which I purchased having a red surplus tag on
it stating “short trace”. Knowing the reduced scan mode, I suspected that
someone had tested it in that mode and surplussed it (from a large
industrial company near me). Sadly, I was most incorrect. I was later able
to diagnose the issue as an open circuit resistor, with companion Toasted
PWB Markings. This worked from some time, but failed to show any trace the
last time I turned it on.

That was before I had read all the dreaded Tantalum stories......
Anyway, I’d be interested if anyone had a spare 7633 horizontal board
they’d want.

There had been one on a previous topic string, but it appears to be lost
to time.

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