Re: 475A horizontal amplifier problem

Tom Lee

Sorry that I haven't read the entire thread, but to localize the problem, you should first verify whether the outputs of the horizontal amplifier are swinging the amount that they should. If they are, then your problem lies in the interconnect to the crt, or the crt itself. A revealing test is to engage the 10x magnification function to see if you are able to overscan the screen. If you are, then you have sufficient swing capability in the output amp, and the finger begins to point toward a gain insufficiency.

-- Tom

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On 10/5/2020 13:36, Jim Hall wrote:
Since this was one of the scopes that I have purchased on eBay, I don't know its history. The waveforms look correct on the deflection plates. However, compared to those on the plates of my good 475A, they are compressed horizontally.

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