Re: 2235 Repair having no power


Leo, best bet to setup an ebay search, although you probably already did that.

About a month ago 3 transformers where sold (item 283967868607), and another in July (item 323980491533). So there might be a good chance that the next one will come up at some point. Notice that I used both your transformer PN and the PN from the one I replaced to get these search results. Both PNs seem to be fully compatible to your 22xx needs, so don't limit yourself to just that one PN. Perhaps there might also be other compatible PNs out there for the exact same transformer.

If it where me, I would even contact that guy that sold the 3 transformers, just in case he might still have another one he found afterwards, or one of the purchases fell through, etc. One never knows. I once was able to get the very last quite rare display unit from a seller that had sold all his stock some months earlier, but luckily had missed one and was too lazy to relist it. A nice worded friendly inquiry sometimes yields a reward in that the seller might volunteer to sell you that last piece he still might have around.

Another idea is to find a "for parts does power up" 2213A, you can find those under $100, but obviously the shipping to Spain is most probably going to be a deal breaker.

Good luck hunting,

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